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All work performed under the auspices of a licensed engineer registered in the state local to the work.  Certificates of Authority are held in applicable states to legally perform these services as per ASCE 38-02.  Compliance is met with the laws, statutes and rules of the engineering, survey and architecture boards of the states local to the work.

SUE, PC Approved By State Engineering Boards to Provide Professional Engineering Services

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 Utilization of the appropriate electromagnetic utility locating instrumentation and accessories through inductions, direct connections, inductive coupling and passive signal reception to ensure all underground utilities/ conductors are found whether active or abandoned where physically possible.  Individuals are trained in appropriate sweeping techniques to avoid missed utilities commonplace amongst one call utility locators and private utility locating firms bred from the one call industry.  Survey performed to map utilities plus or minor 1' with test hole survey tolerances to 0.1' horizontally and vertically.  Survey performed with conventional and RTK GPS equipment.

over 400 SUE Projects completed  1st 4 years

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Underground utility detection with ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic instruments on private utility locating projects as well as subsurface utility engineering projects. One of the top utility locating companies performing mark out, excavation, records review, survey and computer drafting to provide accurate and comprehensive underground utility mapping inclusive of existing active and abandoned underground utilities and structures annotated with SUE Quality Levels (of accuracy) A, B, C and D.

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    Singer Utility Engineering, P.C

         d/b/a as SUE, PC.  Serving the Northeast US

Van A. Singer, P.E., Founder/ President/ Subsurface Utility Engineer, started with the original SUE company after graduating from college with an oil and gas engineering degree in 1985.  He has 30 years of SUE and utility design experience on all types of projects including transportation, military, utility, institution, urban redevelopment, sports arenas, green energy, commercial, multi-dwelling, residential, etc.  He currently maintains his PE licenses in seven (7) east coast states.

PA One Call Law Act 287, Section 6.1 Intent: "(1) To utilize sufficient quality levels of subsurface utility engineering  or other similar techniques whenever practicable to properly determine the existence and positions of underground facilities when designing known complex projects having an estimated cost of four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) or more."