• Experienced subsurface utility engineers interested in developing the scope of services suitable to the client's project and needs. 

  • Mapping limits are assessed on each project to determine the appropriate extents of work.

  • Utility records requests and acquisitions are evaluated and acted upon for each project whether on private or public property.

  • Appropriate suite of locating instruments is used with all available accessories and techniques including induction.

  • Utility mapping utilizes extensive library of linetypes and symbols to portray underground systems for ease of readability.

  • Test hole planning involves consulting with the client to choose appropriate locations and utilities.

  • Test hole data contains all measurements and utility parameters to be certified as per Quality Level A of ASCE 38-02.

About Us

    Singer Utility Engineering, P.C

         d/b/a as SUE, PC.  Serving the Northeast US

We use a select suite of equipment with a variety of modes, frequencies, power setting and accessories to enable the locating of all underground utilities and structures that are geophysically detectable.  For a discussion on the tools we use, please contact us. Available for underground utility locating and ground penetrating radar (GPR) work in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

                              PE Licenses


  • Hotstick - 80,000 volt rated fiberglass hot stick to enable inductive clamping from the surface inside deep manholes whether dry or containing standing water



  • Additional support equipment include:
  • Survey Crew Ahead Signs
  • Traffic Cones
  • Electrician Fishtape
  • Rodder Conduit
  • Drafting Board
  • Lenovo Portable CAD Station
  • AutoCAD 2016
  • HP Designjet T120
  • Toolbox, Hand Tools and Digital Measuring Tape
  • Personal Protective Equipment


  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) - the latest and greatest US Radar Quantum Imager.  The unit houses three (3) antennas working simultaneously to help locate utilities/ structures at a variety of depths and provide the best resolution for the depth of the object.  The unit also stores the logs for all three (3) frequencies for review on site after the scan or back at the office.  Combined with the Fisher M-Scope this unit allows the company to find utilities/ tanks/ structures that others can't find.



  • Two (2) boats for subaqueous locating
  • Underwater locating instruments and scuba diver to be rented/ hired as needed


    • Traceable Duct Rodder - Detectable snake for insertion insider empty non-metallic conduits, as well non-metallic sewers and drains

         Let's Talk Equipment:

    • RD 5000 - Automatic gain, single frequency for induction, inductive sweeping, direct connecting and inductive clamping (4" clamp)

    • Pipehorn 800-H - Manual gain (fine tuning thumb knob) single frequency for induction, direct connecting and inductive clamping (5" clamp)

    • CAT 4 - Passive signal reception for common radio and power modes

    • Fisher M-Scope TW-6 with handle bar accessory -  Active signal application metal UST, tunnel, structure and utility locating instrument.

    • Fisher Magnawand Magnetometer - Ferrous locator for finding buried manholes, valves, property corners, etc.