Singer Utility Engineering, P.C

         d/b/a as SUE, PC.  Serving the Northeast US

Geophysical Survey

CCTV Sewer Video Recording Management:  Manages work of qualified subcontractor with cameras and crawlers from 4" to 48" pipes.

Manhole Detailing:  Manages confined space certified personnel for development of details for 3D plotting of underground spaces.

Sewer/ Drain Invert Survey:  SUE, PC utilizes electronic inclinometers and EDM equipment to provide the actual invert elevations without slope and offset errors.

Utility Conflict Analysis:  Once QLB mapping has been done, in house engineering will be performed to evaluate the existing underground utility systems versus design amenities for a new or renewed site.  Recommendations for detailed acquisition of additional utility data will provide needed information for accommodation and/ or relocation of existing underground systems.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Singer Utility Engineering, PC Primary Focus -

Subsurface Utility Engineering Services

Air Vacuum Utility Test Holes (QL-A):  SUE, PC manages the work of qualified subcontractors performing air vacuum utility test holes.  Minor subcontractors available.

Utility Designating (QL-B):  In house performance of utility designating and private utility locating services.

-    Electromagnetic Utility Locating Instruments -           primary focus

-    Ground Penetrating Radar (QL-B) targeted approach

-    Geophysical Survey

-    Management of Concrete Scanning

Survey - Conventional and Total Station/ RTK GPS:  At this time, SUE, PC manages the work of qualified survey subconsultants. Minority subconsultants available.

Computer Drafting - AutoCAD and MicroStation:  Performed in house for routine cad work and during final review for certification as per ASCE 38-02 Quality Levels A through D